Meet the Team

Bringing together a wealth of skill & experience.

Introducing the talented people who will bring your landscape vision to life.


Steve is the owner and founder of Jenron Creative Landscapes. His bio is coming soon! In the meantime, listen to what our customers have to say about Steve:

"Steve and his crew at Jenron are fantastic! The whole process from landscape design, to construction, to completion and warranty and now maintenance have been wonderful to work with. They had excellent creative ideas and suggestions, problem solving skills and ultimately the quality of their work was best. Steve is friendly, personable, trustworthy and they are a company of integrity. Would highly suggest Jenron for any landscape/ irrigation/ maintenance and snow removal. Keep up the good work Steve and Team."

"Steve and his crew at Jenron were outstanding. They were reliable, communicative, hard-working and open to feedback. They have creative and innovative ideas for land-scaping, helping to implement our ideas as well as expanding our ideas into something beautiful. I would highly recommend Jenron Creative Landscapes."

"Excellent team. Steve is a gem."


Aaron is our Operations Manager. He opens the line of communication between clients, customers, and businesses to get projects done. He started working at Jenron in 2007 as a summer job while he was attending the University of Calgary studying Political Science. He spent 3 summers landscaping and found his passion. Aaron realized that working outside was way better than being inside a classroom, so he opted to move to landscaping full time in 2010 and couldn’t be happier. He loves to work with his hands and feels lucky to be outside contributing to nature.

Aaron helped to build and grow our company from just 3 employees to what it is today. He was a driving force behind the development and launch of our maintenance department and currently leads our construction crews. He is always focused on efficiency and enjoys the technical aspects of his role. Aaron takes pride in ensuring the space for our clients is functional and will last while looking great and increasing the value of their home.

He is in charge of all our daily operations, making sure things run smoothly and efficiently. This is no easy task, yet he makes it look effortless. Aaron works closely with Alex and Tom to ensure the successful and timely completion of our construction projects. He facilitates all communication between our crews on site, office staff, management team, suppliers, and our customers.

When he’s not landscaping he continues to spend his time outside. Aaron and his wife Keelan love to go boating and spend lots of time doing outdoor activities with their daughters Eva and Raia.


Alex is one of our General Labourers. He is responsible for performing an assortment of tasks in order to assist with the completion of our landscape construction projects. He takes care of moving materials around our sites, digging holes and trenches for planting, gardening, and much more. Alex has a significant amount of industry experience and is a skilled worker.

Born in Calgary, and raised in a variety of towns in Alberta and British Columbia, Alex started his career at Canada Post. He got into landscaping in Kelowna in 2015 and was one of the first employees of a small company. He helped to grow and expand their team and services and his contributions led them to become one of the largest landscape companies in the area. In 2017 Alex moved back to Calgary and took on a position at a local landscaping company that was managed by our very own Chelsea Pasutto. He started on their team as a labourer and worked up to Crew Lead and then was promoted to Assistant Supervisor for their fleet of sanding trucks.

After taking a break from the workforce for personal reasons, Alex was eager to get back outdoors and into the landscaping action. When he learned Chelsea was working here at Jenron he couldn't wait to reach out and apply. Alex brings extensive knowledge in planting plants and his experience in the construction process to the Jenron team.

Alex shares his home with his senior cat named Elenor who is 16 years old. He enjoys gardening and refinishing furniture in his spare time. He’s also an Amateur Prospector Jack who loves going out to the mountains to pan for gold.


Chelsea is our General Manager. With over 20 years in both commercial and residential sectors, Chelsea has experience in project management, safety management, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. She formulates our business strategy and oversees our entire team, mentoring them throughout their career at Jenron. Chelsea is a thoughtful leader and a confident decision maker.

Originally from Saskatchewan, she moved to Calgary in 2001 to continue her education. Chelsea graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary in 2009. She also attended Haskayne School of Business for two years. She graduated with a Prairie-Horticulture Certificate in Landscaping from Olds College in 2011. Chelsea is also certified in Contractor Management, Leadership for Safety Excellence, Principles of Health & Safety Management and she’s an Alberta Certified Peer Health & Safety Auditor.

She moved to New Zealand for a year to do Project Management creating highways and sub developments before coming to Jenron. Chelsea took on her role shortly after the start of 2020 and was instrumental in our success throughout that challenging year. Chelsea quickly earned the dedication of our existing team and expanded it. She holds an excellent track record of creating strong working relationships with owners, contractors and suppliers, resulting in successful landscape experiences.

Outside of work Chelsea enjoys being outdoors and skiing, hiking or going camping. She can find peace and happiness on any trail in the forest with her min pin Mercedes.


Dawn is one of our General Labourers. She is responsible for performing an assortment of tasks in order to assist with the completion of our landscape construction projects. She takes care of moving materials around our sites, digging holes and trenches for planting, gardening, and much more! She operates a variety of tools and equipment each day and is very skilled at driving the skid steer.

Dawn started landscaping when she graduated high school. She began as a labourer at a landscaping company in Okotoks and was promoted to a Supervisor position after her first year. In 2019 Dawn moved to Caglary with her boyfriend Tristian where they had their first child. When she was ready to rejoin the workforce, Dawn found Jenron and joined our team. She loves taking on our larger scale projects and doing more creative transformations for our clients.

She loves being outside and enjoys the physical aspect of her job that provides lots of exercise. Dawn values our management team and getting to mentor under experienced and passionate landscapers. She appreciates our open door policy and being able to communicate with the managers directly. Her goal is to become a Landscape Foreman, but her commitment and passion doesn't end there. Dawn is also planning on going to school to get her Heavy Equipment Operators ticket.

In her spare time Dawn enjoys dirt biking, hiking, camping, and trail riding on her horse Flash. She shares her home with her fiancé Tristian and their baby Kaysin. It's a big family with their dog Caius, a cat named Kato and two snakes Checkers and Nagini.


Erin is our Office Manager. She ensures our office is running smoothly while overseeing staff and taking care of our bookkeeping, payroll and supply management. She works closely with the rest of the management team to ensure the office and day to day operations are functioning effectively.

Erin is a born and raised Calgarian. She grew up with the mountains in her backyard and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Before joining the team here at Jenron Erin spent nearly a decade in the Oil and Gas industry. She earned her Library Information and Technology Diploma at Sait in 2007 and was already working part time at Encana. Upon graduation she was invited to take on a full time position in Records Management. Erin’s attention to detail and precision accuracy made her extremely skilled at her job and she soon moved into Regulatory Compliance. She made the decision to leave what was becoming a volatile industry and changed careers. Erin started with us in 2018 and 3 years later we don’t know what we would do without her.

She works closely with Steve and they bring sass and smiles to the office making everyone laugh with their witty banter. We all think of her as the “Office Mom” because we know she truly cares for each person on the team and is always making sure we are safe and organized. She is really good with numbers and has an uncanny ability to remember the tiniest details pertaining to our customers. Erin is also a wiz at math and enjoys drafting our landscaping quotes which requires reviewing property reports and doing complex calculations.

In her spare time Erin enjoys baking, spending time with her husband Ryan and their two boys Nixon and Lincoln, and tries to get out and enjoy the mountains as often as possible.


Hailee is our Administrative Assistant. She helps everyone at the office and the crews on site by keeping us all organized and working efficiently. Her attention to detail and stellar interpersonal skills allow her to be effective in her role. Hailee loves to showcase the variety in projects we get to take on through our Social Media channels. She is usually the one answering calls at the office helping our new and existing clients. She’s a people person so Hailee loves her job!

Before joining the Jenron team, Hailee spent over a decade managing two dog Behaviour & Education Centres where she was responsible for the care and training of 120+ dogs per day. She was a speaker three years in a row at the Association of Professional Dog Trainers conference and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Hailee loves to teach and led an apprenticeship program for people who wanted to become dog trainers as a career. She is proud to have educated over 100 successful graduates.

She loves animals and was thrilled to meet Bella (our office Turtle) on her first day! She cares for Bella, taking her in out of the pond for her daily exercise, does her feedings, and even files her shell when needed. Ironically, Hailee is terrified of spiders so she relies on Erin to keep the office safe from any eight legged creepers who find their way inside. Hailee loves working with the team and the amazing clients we have at Jenron. She is eager to learn more about fish and lead our aquatic sales department one day.

Her favourite pastime is camping so you can typically find her in the forest when she’s not working or out with her dogs at one of the amazing parks in our city. Hailee shares her home with her boyfriend Cory, their dogs Turbo and Cheech, and their cat Sheldon.


Jill is our visionary. She creates the designs that our teams follow to build an outdoor oasis for each of our clients. She loves to work with people to make their yard special. Jill’s goal is to design something that makes the homeowner excited to spend time in their outdoor living space.

Jill has been working in the industry since 2002 when she graduated from Idaho State with a Bachelor of Arts. Initially she planned to work in park design focusing on large outdoor spaces. It turns out Jill loves working one-on-one with homeowners and being able to provide personalized service. This realization led her to Olds College where she graduated with a degree in Landscape Management & Design in 2005.

She joined the Jenron team in 2017 and works in collaboration with Steve to design and plan our construction projects. Jill is passionate about her role and is a surprisingly good planter! She doesn’t shy away from hands-on work and is happy to help out to ensure the finished product is exactly what she helped our client to envision.

Jill shares her home with her husband Doug, their two daughters Isla and Elouise, and their dog Poppy. She loves spending time at the soccer field and coaches her daughters team. Jill is also an avid gardener who enjoys planting and maintaining her garden all season long.


Melanie (Mel) is our Health & Safety Representative. Her positive mindset and commitment to quality workmanship have made her a tremendous asset to our team. She is always focused on the wellbeing of her coworkers and this allows her to act as the eyes and ears of safety.

Mel started landscaping at her family’s business when she was just 13 years old. She is a hard worker with over a decade of invaluable experience. Mel joined the Jenron team as a General Labourer in 2018. After returning from maternity leave in the spring of 2020, she was selected by our team to be our Health & Safety Representative. Mel is currently in her 2nd year as our company rep.

You can typically find her on site making sure everyone is being safe. She takes care of Hazard Inspections, Incident Reports, and directs our Safety Meetings. Mel develops new systems and solutions for any areas where we could be more safe. This increases efficiency and allows the team to be more safe and productive each day. Our clients and the Jenron team are raving fans of Mel’s work!

Mel spends her free time with her fiancé Michael, her two daughters Addeline & Parker, and their pet snake Crowley. She’s very creative and enjoys making custom handmade gifts such as personalized baby clothes, Christmas decorations, and personalized T-shirts.


Tom is our Fleet Manager & Delivery Driver. He is in charge of organizing, storing, and transporting all our inventory. He makes sure that the necessary supplies are delivered to the appropriate job sites. His time management and organizational skills allow him to juggle multiple projects at once while ensuring our crews have what they need to complete each project.

He grew up in Drayton Valley and started his career in roofing and owned his own business for 4 years before taking a job at the local sawmill. Tom was the Safety Coordinator and Investigator for the Drayton Valley Sawmill for 18 years and then he moved on to working as a Safety & Equipment Manager for an electric company. Tom was also the President of their Chamber of Commerce for 8 years. In 2013 he transferred to Calgary and continued to work in similar roles at various companies. Tom is passionate about safety and believes you can truly make a difference being a positive leader.

Tom brought his 20 years of experience to Jenron when he joined our team at the start of 2021. He loves to learn and has a long list of certifications ranging from equipment specific courses such as Bobcat and Drive certifications to Small Engine Repair. He works closely with our Operations Manager to ensure the timely pick up and delivery of all materials and equipment necessary for each of our projects. Tom is our resident handyman so he also takes care of a wide range of repairs on site, at the office, or anywhere needed.

Tom spends his spare time restoring 1950s and 1960s classic cars and has restored one every winter for the past 12 years. He shares his home with his wife Christine, their small dog Coffee, and their cat Whity.