Getting Creative

Realizing your outdoor living space begins with a plan.

Whether you’ve done detailed research or just have an idea you’d like to explore, Jenron Creative Landscapes is ready to interpret your vision with a professional design.

Design & Planning

Our experienced team will work with you to create a functional design and develop a comprehensive construction plan that includes the materials, plants and processes that will be used. Depending on the scope of your project, you may not need a full landscape design. From fences to retaining walls, pathways to water features, the Jenron Creative Landscapes team will review the project details with you, and will provide recommendations for a suitable and cost-effective solution.

Sharing Your Vision

Start by creating a list of things you like to have in your outdoor environment (features, colours, materials, plants). Include a list of things you don’t want as well. This will help our team focus on a design that’s just right for you.

Collect pictures of outdoor environments that appeal to you while considering the layout and orientation of your property. Think about how you’d like to use the space you’re creating: will you be entertaining family and friends, or resting comfortably in a retreat that’s yours alone? Whatever your needs, having a few inspirational pictures will go a long way in creating the feel of your outdoor living space.

See what others have done. Is there a property in the city that you’re particularly fond of? What is it about the layout that appeals to you? Using other properties as references is a great way to see which ideas worked – and which didn’t. Need some inspiration? Check out the Jenron Project Gallery for an overview of our work.

Help! I Don’t Really Know Where To Start…

Don’t worry. The Jenron Creative Landscapes team has you covered. Whether it’s an aesthetic redesign of your yard or a structural problem that’s causing you grief, we’ll set up an on-site consultation, review your property and put our experience to work to deliver tried-and-tested solutions.